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Kinder to the Environment
Good healthy reasons why you should start using original dryerballs® mechanical fabric softener and stop using dryer sheets which are impregnated with artificial fragrance and fabric conditioner.

When you use dryer sheets or fabric conditioner you are coating your clothes with a thin film of petroleum based artificial chemical and fragrance. Nearly every chemical that touches the skin can find its way into the body and may be toxic. As a reult dryer sheets and fabric conditioners are bad for your health and can cause skin irritation and worse.

Dryer sheets and fabric conditioners coat your clothes in petroleum making them feel soft unnaturally and synthetically. dryerballs® mechanical softening balls actually make your fabrics soft, naturally relaxing the fibres in your clothes and towels.

The 25% saving in electricity every time you use the dryerballs® in your drying machine is another terrific reason why dryerballs® is a winner for you and the environment, saving you money and substantially reducing energy consumption.

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