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The re-useable dryerballs® are the safe natural easy way to soften fabrics while saving money on fabric softeners dryer sheets and energy.

  • dryerballs® lift and separate laundry allowing hot air to flow more efficiently, thus aiding the drying process
  • Reduce drying time by up to 25%
  • Specially designed to physically soften your laundry without the introduction of toxic chemicals
  • Reduces creases and wrinkles
  • Easy to use - place the dryerballs® in the tumble dryer and operate the machine at the usual setting for your fabrics

To purchase in the UK click here to buy dryerballs® online from our partners at Lakeland

In the rest of Europe please search with one of local partners, Hama Xavax, Electrolux, Mapa Spontex. Be sure you find genuine dryerballs®: one ball will have square spikes and one ball will have round spikes. See below for details of copy products.

North American tumble dryers work with different capacities and at different drying temperatures to European machines. We have therefore developed a different ball for the North American market which can be found by clicking here.

Have you purchased the original dryerballs®? There are several products on the market that are not manufactured by us. Before you begin selling such products, you might want to check out this news story. We protect our intellectual products ferociously. NB Since 2012, original dryerballs have been sold in Europe by dryerballs ltd.not Green Lane Products ltd.

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